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Do you want make your parties as an unforgetable event ? You can customize the label of your bottles like your celebrations. Wedding, Birthday, Baptism, Communion, Business Party or just to make your party unique, there is a remarkable choice of possibilities !

Follow the link below to see all the various types of label customizations :

Labels customization

Don’t forget that the link only allows you to see and give us the reference number of your choice, you can not purchase the labels via the website. We will need to talk about it so you can give us all the information related to the customization (like texts and photos). Even so you can add the number of labels that you want in your shopping basket when you order.

We reminds you that the delivery time will be longer than usual, due to the creation of the labels which are not under our control.

Don’t hesitate in contacting us if you need it.

For any other customization, please contact us.

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